What do you get if you don’t utilize a thimble? A “D”. as well as this dress.

Jody (from Couture appeal Vintage) sent me this link to one of her auctions, as well as it’s adorable. even much better is the backstory — inspect it out!

That’s right. Some horrible stitching trainer provided bad Dorrice a “D” on this gorgeous dress, all since she didn’t utilize a thimble. Come on! This is an “A” dress, no question.

This type of thing (nonsensical rules-for-rules’-sake thinking) truly gets on my nerves. Sure, you can, as a teacher, make trainees prove they understand exactly how to utilize a thimble. however that should be a ten-minute observation, at best, not a whole dress! (I have never utilized a thimble for dressmaking — quilting, sure, however not dressmaking. If I want to stab my finger repeatedly with a needle, that’s my right as an American.)

When you demand that everybody do something one method as well as one method only, you totally stifle innovation, as well as you instill a knee-jerk distaste for the techniques you’re teaching. If your method is truly the right method (or, more rarely, the only way) then people will naturally gravitate to it, however you have to provide them the possibility to do things their own half-assed way. What is obligatory is usually disdained.

You can definitely state “I’ve always done X this way, as well as it works for me,” however unless you’re mentor your clone army to sew, other people are going to have different techniques: some from random chance, some from sheer pigheadedness, as well as some from outright brilliance. people who provided out “D”s for lack of a thimble most likely never got to see the outright brilliance. great thing the gown survived, so we could!

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