Deco Vibe: You Can Has?

This is the new HotPatterns Deco vibe dress, as well as I’m truly feeling it — can’t you see the Duroesque nature of the short version that’s front as well as center? That type of louche, qiana-flavored 1970s mindset is ending up being ever more appealing as we head into a sweater-wearing, oil-crisis-flavored 1970s deflationary malaise … as well as Jeremy from HotPatterns offered me a copy of this pattern, too!

The thing is — as much as I like the feel of this pattern, I’m just not as much as it. I don’t have a slinky bone in my body (forget the oxymoronicness of “slinky bone”: you understand what I mean). as well as you can’t put pockets in this one, as well as I understand I’d put that gorgeous grey clutch purse (in my head it’s suede, of course) down to pick up my cell phone or a diet plan Coke as well as it would be gone forever, with my cars and truck secrets in it.

So instead of hoarding the pattern to myself, as well as taking it out every when in a while to double-check that yeah, I’m still not slinky, I’m going to provide the pattern (when it comes) to one of you. One you slinky goddesses out there, or one of you who can fake “slinky goddess” when this pattern hums a few bars. What do you have to do to get it?

You have to add a link to one of your preferred on the internet material stores to the vintage Pattern Wiki’s new preferred material stores page! I’ve put one link in there so far (just the very first one I might type the URL of off the top of my head, which, frankly, is frightening) as a model. I’ll look at the page history next Friday as well as select one person who has added a link to get the pattern — so if you want to win, it assists to be logged in to the wiki, so I understand who’s who!

I would prefer that people add links only to stores that offer fabric, notions, or trim online, not to stores that will mail-order if you email as well as ask. (We can kind those out later … or perhaps this will be an reward for them to get all the method online!) If it gets long, go ahead as well as add categories: knits, quilting, buttons, etc. feel free to add a bit note about the link, however please, just a few words — if we begin seeing spammy or overly-marketing-y disquisitions, I will go in with my Avenging Editor hat on as well as clean it right up. (The Avenging Editor hat appears like something Rosalind Russell would wear: jaunty, with a bit feather, tilted somewhat to one side, as well as firmly pinned in location to ensure that you can slug a reporter while using it as well as have it not come off. It SO hurts your dignity if your hat falls off when you’re hitting someone.)

Anyway: back to the contest! If every tenth person who reads this blog adds just one link … let’s just state there most likely aren’t that many on the internet material stores in the world. have fun!

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