The Hundred Dresses: Day 94

Well, today was expected to be one more omnibus day of several pictures however I overslept so we’ll just do this one, okay?

This is a new Butterick 7513; while I was publishing the pictures for Day 17 as well as Day 41, I thought, hey, why don’t I make one more one of these? So I did:

The stuntiness of this gown is somewhat much more subtle, however I’m sure you’ll see it. The material is Moda Comma Commas (also is available in orange!). It’s not a amazing material for this gown … it doesn’t rather drape best (as you can see above). however it’s definitely great enough.

I am most likely never going to wear it buttoned to the neck like this, however it looks much better in the pictures. except huh, taking a look at it in pictures now I can see that the third button down is somewhat out of alignment. Oh well. This is what I get for stitching them on while viewing a movie.

And here’s the back!

I likewise made this in full ON camo as well as I haven’t even been able to wear it yet. I may have lastly made a gown that’s even as well obnoxious for me to wear. We’ll see …


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