fine feathers

look very carefully — the feathers are satin, not actual feathers. click on the image to visit and see the details; they’re astounding. The dress is nearly $1500 (!) but even at that “price point”, it’s already reserved.

I love the color, the applique, the tulle … I’m a huge fan of this kind of dress, basic lines with over-the-top embellishment, but monochrome. I think this would make a stunning swan-like wedding gown (even though it’s not WHITE, go on, defy the bridal paradigm!), but I’m not sure if a swan gown’s a good thing or a bad thing. I have a vague feeling that swan brides in folktales normally cause a lot of unnecessary complications, so maybe that’s not quite what you want to start your married life by invoking.

If you have a little time spend it clicking around on that site and making a list of what you’d get if you won the lottery … I have my eye on their Ceil Chapmans, but the rest is fair game.

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