What I would wear (If I Were A Guy)

For a long time I’ve toyed with a type of “Dress A Day guide To style For Guys” however I’ve never done it, mainly since I dislike any type of type of fashion composing that states YOU should wear THIS, NO, REALLY, since I stated SO, C’MON NOW, ARE YOU trying TO MAKE ME MAD? people should wear what they want to wear (as long all of us agree that “want to wear” = “made a conscious, thoughtful decision to wear”).

So yesterday I realized, hey, I might do a publish about what *I* would wear if I were a guy. as well as yes, I know, unisex styles, androgyny, blah blah blah, however let’s deal with it: nobody who phone calls her blog “A gown A Day” spends a great deal of time Dietriching around in a suit.

First off: if I were a guy I would totally do the kilt thing:

Because, in spite of being named “Erin”, I’m Scots (if you go back a couple hundred years or so) as well as secondly, women like ’em. (I’m just presuming right here that if I were a guy I’d be a directly guy.) believe me, walk down the street in a kilt (even if you don’t look like David Tennant) as well as you’ll be beating them off with a stick. You may really requirement a caber, come to believe of it.

I likewise like the fit as well as sneakers look:

(What, did you believe I was going to utilize somebody other than ten to show this point?)

I believe this works finest when the sneakers are not of the highly-athletic sort. Saturday sneakers rather than performance sneakers, if you understand what I mean. (Although this likewise mainly works.)

I likewise like the ironic as well as somewhat ratty tee shirts look:

In fact, if I were a guy, I would INVENT pretend bands, photoshop up the tour t-shirts, as well as have one-offs printed up for me. Then, when asked if I liked the band whose shirt I was wearing, I would state “These guys? They offered out. They suck now.”

If I were a guy, I would only wear Levi’s jeans. Period. No elegant jeans. This would be non-negotiable. In a pinch, or if I were invited to a rodeo (AS A PARTICIPANT) I would think about Wranglers.

If I were a guy, I would wear these shoes with everything.

If I were a guy, I would always have a brushed-aluminum mechanical pencil on my person. (I usually do now, anyway.)

If I were a guy, I would totally copy Francis as well as wear the cool tie/shirt combo.

If I were a guy, I’d wear seersucker suits, only I’d wear them with a tee shirts & sneakers, not a gown shirt as well as tie:

If I were a guy, I’d wear paisley shirts.

Of course, great deals of things would still be the exact same in my closet. I’d still wear heavy-framed glasses, bright colors, plastic watches, as well as Jack Purcells.

I even like the sport-coat-and-shorts combo. however never, under any type of circumstances (unless perhaps I lost a serious bet) would I show up in this:

I promise.

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