Seersucker Dress, As guaranteed

Here’s the seersucker gown (the Duro Junior pattern again) I guaranteed to publish when I got back (and I did get back, in spite of my flight being canceled; I got the next-to-last seat in the last row of the flight that left before my flight, as well as ended up showing up half an hour later than my flight was expected to — myriad as well as unusual are the methods of airlines).

(The antepenultimate as well as supreme seats on that flight — i.e., the two seats next to me — were occupied by Masters of The world who were swapping stories of the first-class seats they’d lost when their flights were canceled. Oh, woe!)

Anyway, I wasn’t using this gown on the plane, although I did really laundry it during my trip so I might wear it twice! The weather condition was so horribly humid, as well as this gown is so cool, that it was a necessity. (Also, being seersucker, it dried in about twenty minutes after I hung it up.) I wanted I had eleven of these so I might modification into them twice a day.

At very first I was a bit concerned that this was as well “swimsuit coverup,” however after using it for a while that used off.

There’s a few much more modifications I want to make to this pattern: I want to make the pockets larger as well as deeper, as well as sew the top of them into the waistband for additional support. I requirement to lengthen the front bodice one more half-inch; as well as change the seam across the top of the take on to ensure that it curves down a bit. (I like the sleeve to comply with the arm, not stick directly out.) I lopped two inches off the skirt before I hemmed it, however it would be much more effective if I modified the pattern piece instead … as well as perhaps make the skirt a teeny bit fuller, too, if only to much better fit the bigger pockets.

Right now I want to make it in lemon-yellow linen with brown linen banding, dark gray poplin with red, a pink-and-maroon floral material (better than it sounds) … the listing goes on. perhaps for my next trip I truly will have eleven versions!

Oh, as well as perhaps next time I’ll match the stripes. however most likely not:

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