Pants at Boots

visitor Susan emailed me to ask exactly how to select the right boots to go with your dresses, as well as I had to admit to her that I am (as the Brits say) pants at selecting boots. I have boots, certainly, however I don’t have any type of boots that I think about successful, where “successful” means that I wear them constantly (and am always looking for more reasons to wear them).

In fact, I believe the last pair of boots I bought that I felt that method about were some brown Knapp farm boots that I saw in a spread in Jane magazine back in the grungey 90s. They looked fantastic with vintage dresses, particularly if you were nineteen.

(Of course, in my opinion, that was the last time a fashion magazine was useful about boots: what is up with the present trend for deranged-elf ankle boots used with jersey mini-dresses as well as all the fashion jewelry you own, plus a knit scarf? Yes, Lucky, I’m looking at you.)

Anyway, not only am I pants at boots, I have realized that I’m pitiably one-track with other shoes, also — inspect out what I discovered when I tidied up my closet:

Yep, that’s approximately a lots pairs of round-toe ankle-strap heels. as well as I’m not even showing you the photo that’s all flat black cent loafers!

It may just be that there aren’t any type of boots that look “right” with 1950s styles, other than those plastic rain boots they utilized to promote in the back of Parade, the kind that include a matching bonnet to protect your hairstyle. So I throw the concern available to you. What are the very best boots to wear with vintage dresses?

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