September is national stitching Month!

So I assumption September is national stitching Month? (In the US, at least?)

September is a quite great month for it, if you had to select just one: there’s still warm weather condition (again, in the US) however likewise the promise of cooler weather condition to come, so you can sew for both seasons. There’s back-to-school, which always seems to make people want new clothes (whether they are in institution or not — as well as more time to sew if your youngsters just went back to institution …). plus there’s the annual goal of getting a jump begin on any type of holiday sewing.

If I were going to set ambitious stitching goals for the month (which I’m not, however …) I’d try to make September a month to prepare me for much better stitching for the rest of the year. I’d re-organize my patterns as well as fabric, I’d kind with (and blog about!) all the books in my stitching library, as well as I’d go get all my scissors sharpened as well as discover to utilize that last orphan presser foot that came with my machine. I’d toss all the old thread that I’ve moved eight times as well as will never use, as well as do something great with all those vintage wooden spools that I keep hanging on to. as well as perhaps (just maybe) I’d lastly cut sufficient squares for a quilt.

That’s if I were going to set ambitious stitching goals for September, which I’m not, since I already have ambitious non-sewing goals for September, as well as well into October. (Watch this space!)

What are your national stitching Month goals?

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