Sportswear Can look polished — Here’s how

trying to stay warm while also attempting to maintain a level of professional dress is not easy, but it is possible. in some cases even your thickest wool coat doesn’t seem up to the task, so you look longingly at your ski gear hanging in the closet and start trying to rationalize the wearing of snow pants to your workplace. Unfortunately, I still haven’t come up with a way to make snow pants office appropriate, but a chic black belted ski jacket? view me work…
In this case, the ski jacket is a particularly lovable cropped version from Topshop that I found at Nordstrom. To be specific, this is Topshop’s SNO Water Repellent synthetic fur Trim Ski jacket with a waist-defining removable belt (the real MVP) and removable synthetic fur hood trim and lining. It has front pockets and also a very sneaky arm pocket ideal for subway cards. The fact that it’s belted is what’s really adding to the polish and professionalism of the overall look. An unbelted ski jacket or puffer would come across as too sporty, if not marshmallowy, (mmm marshmallows), and will feel like you’ve lost the professionalism of your attire, which kind of defeats the point.
I also love how this coat falls just below the hip, and doesn’t feel like it’s hiding or obstructing the skirt below it. There is head-to-toe balance here, with the added perk of insulating me against hypothermia. Win. 

TOPSHOPSNO synthetic fur Trim Ski Jacket

Underneath this stunning jacket, I’m wearing Topshop’s Crystal Studded Turtleneck Sweater, because if you can cover your tops in crystals, you really should. I’ve paired it with the brand’s Pleated synthetic leather Midi Skirt (also discovered at Nordstrom), which is working here for a variety of reasons. First, a pleated black midi skirt is as essential to your professional wardrobe as clothing can possibly get. Second, its synthetic leather texture is rich and substantial enough to work for wintertime. You’ll certainly want to include your many trusted tights or hosiery, and then the professional pump of your choice to give good balance to a skirt of this length. 
You don’t have to agonize over warmth vs workwear. It is entirely possible to have both, you just have to objective for the ideal belted coat that’s subtly sporty, maximally warm, and perfectly professional. If it just happens to also join you on your next ski trip, so be it.

TOPSHOPCrystal Studded Turtleneck Sweater

TOPSHOPPleated synthetic leather Midi Skirt

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