I always cry at weddings (research projects)

(Photo by lovedaylemon, used by permission)

Gail at the V&A emailed me to say that the museum is organi[s|z]ing a new exhibition on wedding fashion for 2011, and they need some help in creating a very large database of wedding fashions. They’re searching for photographs of clothes worn for weddings from all cultures between 1840 and the present (and by “weddings,” they include civil partnerships, yay).

You can publish up to three photographs from any wedding and the V&A would like the emphasis to be on the fashion (although they already have some beautiful pictures of flowers and cakes).

Their only stipulation is that the couple ought to be named and the date of the wedding ought to be included. There are also some optional fields, such as location, religion of ceremony, and dressmaker/designer. The V&A would love to see some hand-crafted dresses added!

I think this is a fantastic project (and I hope to be able to publish some photos myself)! check it out here!

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